Funnel Marketing-The 2021 Comprehensive Guide

Funnel Marketing Guide

You may be asking yourself why is funnel marketing so important, especially online? The answer is slightly complex. These days large corporations clearly understand the competitive environment they are working in. As a result, everyone tries to surpass the competition to get more loyal customers. This is easier said than done. In theory, you just need to have a better product or service at a great price, but the reality is much more complicated. It is not easy to attract new online customers.

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Week 7 Ending-Consistency and Commitment

In this episode, I go over how the seventh week in business went and ended and I talk about the psychology secret of consistency and commitment. The week ended with a bit more organic traffic (I’m up to 6 this week), but nothing to get overly excited about yet. I worked on writing keyword-rich articles…

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Best Local SEO Services Now in Bakersfield

Best Local SEO Bakersfield

Search Engine Optimization is becoming more important to businesses, especially local businesses. As online shopping and food ordering has become commonplace it is very important to be sure you are found online when people are looking locally for your products or services.

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You Need Local SEO Now and Broken Moon Media is Ready to Help

local seo techniques from Broken Moon Media

Oct 21, 2020, Bakersfield, CA- Business owners have a new choice of companies to help them get found by potential local customers. Broken Moon Media is quickly becoming the top choice for business owners who are looking for help being found online by quality local customers. They are inline to help nearly 100 businesses this year alone.

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7 Easy Ways to Grow an Online Coaching Business in 2021

Grow Online Your Coaching Business

If you are considering or already attempting to grow an online coaching business, you will want to read this. With everything going as much digital as possible, it is no longer a question of why you should improvise your skills to deem them fit for the digital world. The ever-changing economic dynamics around the globe are a big call for us to be adaptable to innovating technology to easily move with the phase and extract the best for ourselves.

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Week 6 Ending-Reciprocity

In this episode, I talk about how the 6th week went, it was a fast week and I slacked off on the amount of work I did on the business. I was only able to commit 2 hours to work on my business and have a long laundry list of things that need to get…

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Storybrand Website – Create One in 2021 in 7 Steps

Create a Storybrand

Need help figuring out what your storybrand website should have in/on it? Your website homepage is like a shop window, which is the first thing your customers will see and how they will feel about your offering. The better you represent yourself, the more your customers will relate to you. As a result of which…

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Week 5 Ending-Be Consistent

  In this episode, I give you the rundown of the week in business for week five. I focused primarily on Facebook and trying to obtain backlinks. I was not surprised to see that Facebook still rewards native content, especially that which is created live for Facebook, and they punish any posts that attempt to…

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How to Download Facebook Live Videos in 2021

How to Download Facebook Videos

Have you ever wanted to download your or someone else’s Facebook Live videos? Facebook is among the few of those social networking sites which successfully remain relevant since its launch. It comes with a real staying power and always stays one step ahead of its competitors. Unlike Snapchat and Instagram, Facebook is set to target…

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