How to Make a Membership Website

How to Make Membership Websites

If you are considering starting a membership website, you need to know step by step how to make a membership website. Generally, people have no idea about a membership website or feel that it is a tough job.

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S2 E3 Understanding the Three Types Of Buyers

Understanding the Three Types of Buyers In this episode, we go over the three types of buyers. Neuroscientists have discovered that people “spend till it hurts” and can be categorized into different types. The three types are separated by their pain level when it comes to spending money. Spendthrifts are the buyers/spenders with the highest…

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S2 Give Your Customers a Label

Give Your Customers a Label Be sure to give your customers a label. Be sure it contains a powerful word that will make them more likely to feel an invisible pressure to live up to the label.  Labeling and calling people “Active Listeners” will psychologically make them more likely to be active listeners. We like…

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