S2 E6 Give Customers Instant Gratification

Grow and Online Business By Aaron Jarrels a Broken Moon Media Production

Waiting vs Instant Gratification

Learn to use instant gratification to solve a problem or issue your customers have. Don’t make your clients, audience, or customers wait for something they can get right away, and even more importantly. Have your product or service eliminate a wait for them. 

The Science

MRI studies show that the frontal cortex of customers’ brains becomes activated when they have to wait. This is bad because this means they are thinking too much. This gives them time to talk themselves out of your offering. It also means people are not in a comfortable state when they have to wait for something.

Dissonance is the uneasy feeling that you get when you are having to do something you do not want to do. It also occurs when your actions and belief system are not congruent. People hate waiting for things so it put them in a state of dissonance. By giving something immediately to people it alleviates the sense of dissonance (anxiety) and makes people happy.

Easy Example:

How well do you think a weight loss plan would do if they said, “guess what, you put this weight on about 3 lbs a year and we are going to help you take it off at the same speed?” Who would go for that? Does anyone get suckered into the latest get rich slowly plan? No, but get rich quick schemes are sold and generate millions of dollars in courses, programs, and guides every month. Try to sell immediate gratification, not waiting.

Prime Example:

Amazon sells with the phrase “order today and get it tomorrow” which is why they sell so much more than regular online businesses. If you are a shipper, at the very least try to offer free shipping, so they can experience the immediate thrill of getting something “right then” for free. For those not interested in buying today, try and offer them a free download. If it is something they find valuable, it can help you create an opportunity for a later sale.

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