S2 E7 Divide and Conquer

Grow and Online Business By Aaron Jarrels a Broken Moon Media Production

Divide and Conquer Your Audience

Divide and Conquer your audience, clients, and customers. That means give them a category or segment to claim and hold on to. People will divide into groups over the slightest things and then place great value on the label.

Offer labels or different groups of customers if possible, if not use the niche you serve as your label. Offer them what they want and claim the niche with pride. People will be die-hard fans of you if you do. 

Potential Upside of Dividing your Consumer Base

Speaking out and proclaiming your position on something, gives fans a sense of belonging. When people feel like they belong to something larger than themselves, they form a belief that self sacrifice is a worthwhile endeavor. Meaning they will often defend you, your business, your product to the bitter end.

We all wish we had people like that on our side. A few diehard fans or customers are worth much more than a large collection of lukewarm, fair weather fans.

Potential Downside of Dividing your Consumer Base

Yes, you will make enemies of everyone else, just as fans of particular sports franchises do, but you gain the strong support of the same team fans you serve.

If you are ever able to find a niche that allows you to serve others independently, then more power to you, until then, divide and conquer.

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