S2 E11 Small Surprises

Grow and Online Business By Aaron Jarrels a Broken Moon Media Production

Small Surprises and Lead to Surprise Reciprocity

There is an enormous value in giving away small surprises. A small surprise can be something as simple as having your shipping upgraded for free overnight shipping. It can be something as thoughtful as a handwritten thank you note on the packing slip. Even placing a free sticker of your brand inside the package can go a long way toward fostering the relationship between you and your customer. Because of surprise reciprocity, customers will be so impressed with and happy about being surprised, they will feel almost indebted to you and fill in an online review, share with a friend how great your company is, or even continue ordering from you. 

Repeat customers are made by making customers happy, and a nice little surprise can do just the trick. Be sure you try to surprise your customers. You can do so very easily by just trying to imagine you are the customer and what would be a nice surprise?

Online Business Recap

Last week in business: Google is continuing to trim down the keywords my website ranks for. The traffic is down, but the quality of the customers seems a little bit higher. The people who land on the articles are taking the time to read them. 

But that brings me to my plan for next week. I need to add calls to action on each page and at the beginning of each article. I noticed that while the organic traffic is coming to the website, they are not necessarily going any deeper into the site. My goal is to get them to give me their email, and I do not have good enough offerings or calls to action to convince them to sign up for my email list. That is what I will be working on this week.

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