5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Website’s SEO in 2021

increase your website's SEO with affordable local seo services from Broken Moon Media

Why is it so important to increase your website’s SEO? Well, due to intense competition, everyone wants their website on the first page of search engines. Why, because people rarely look for the website on the second page. Have you ever gone to the second page of a search engine? There is less than one percent of the population that goes to the second page.

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Week 3 Ending-Getting Ready

I this episode I go over the way week three wrapped up. It was not as exciting or expansive as I would have hoped, but it was a good week anyway. We also touch on getting ready to launch your online business. I mention a free download of my Prelaunch Checklist. So follow this link…

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Affordable Local SEO Services

Local and Affordable SEO Services from Broken Moon Media

Affordable Local SEO Services now Available in Bakersfield Affordable Local SEO Services Affordable Local SEO Company Increase Online Visibility Sept 22, 2020, Bakersfield, CA- Business owners have been struggling to get noticed on local search for too long and Broken Moon Media is here to help local businesses get found by their potential customers. They…

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Week 2 Ending-Getting Organized

In this episode, I go over the second week in business. The website has been launched, it’s getting only a little social traffic and virtually no organic traffic yet. We also take the opportunity to discuss getting organized and getting started. We cover identifying your skill set, your potential market, and your goals. We also…

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50 Powerful Ways to Connect with Your Audience in 2023

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If you want to be successful in this competitive business world, the key is to connect with your audience. The closer you are with your audience, the better it is for your business, especially for online businesses. Therefore, here we will explain the best ways to connect with the audience to grow an online business…

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Week 1 Ending-Planning to Start

This episode I talk about what it means to plan, why it is important, and why it may be your undoing when it comes to starting your business right. Plus I will do a week 11 overview of my case study and attempt to put my money where my mouth is, and build an online…

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Grow an Online Business Group

grow an online business with Broken Moon Media

Grow an Online Business I am Aaron Jarrels, I own my own business and have a master’s degree in Psychology. I must confess I have always enjoyed learning as well as teaching. Who We Are A few years ago, I began studying and learning about the many facets of building an online business. I took…

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Podcast Number 1-Introduction

This is the very first episode for the Grow an Online Business Podcast. This is the description and introduction to the podcast and the reason for creating it. It is a bumpy ride, but I have to start somewhere, at least it seems that I can only get better next time.

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