Best Lighting Techniques for 2022

Lighting Technique Guide

You can never know too many lighting techniques. Very often your favorite technique doesn’t work in a new situation or time of day. Here are some of the very best and easiest lighting techniques for shooting video.

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Week 12 Ending-Information Gap Theory

Welcome to the 12th week of the Podcast. This week we talk about the Information Gap Theory. Developed by George Loewenstein in the early 1990s, this theory suggests that people will have a desire to fill in a gap in the knowledge between the information they have and the information they find out they are…

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The 19 Best Lights for Filming Video in 2022

Best Lights for Filming Video

Are you in the market for the best lights for filming video on a budget? Lighting is an important part of filming video. To make your videos look all more exciting and appealing, lighting can play a pivotal role. Whether you want to light for YouTube video, streaming, or professional purposes, there is a wide range of options in the market. You need to understand that there is a huge difference between how your eyes perceive light and how the camera lens sees it. Therefore, the best option is to use lights, especially when it comes to making a video.

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Week 11 Ending-Scarcity

This week we talked about the psychological principle of Scarcity. When things are harder to acquire, and the supply is limited, they become more attractive.  How to use this to grow your business: You can limit the number of available products or services. You can limit the window of opportunity to purchase your product or…

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5 Great Storybrand Website Examples To Inspire You 2021

Storybrand Website Examples

It is difficult to find good Storybrand website examples. In fact, since the introduction of the term Storybrand, a lot of people are taking an interest in it. To correctly use it to their advantage, many have tried to learn the skill from the book “Building A Storybrand,” or have taken online Storybrand courses, possibly even attended workshops. However, to find an accurate answer to your problem, you must know what good examples of a Storybrand website looks like.

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Week 10 Ending-Authority

Authority People are hard-wired to listen and obey authority figures. We are taught at a very young age to respect elders and obey those who appear in charge. We assume that people in uniforms are in positions of high-statice. People whose opinions we value have authority over us. We need to be more mindful of…

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23 Best Video Cameras for Live Streaming on Budget in 2021

Best Live Streaming Cameras

With the immense increase in social media use, live streaming has become a popular way for content creators to connect with their fans. Find out our picks for the best video cameras for any budget. The biggest reason is that it almost feels real. Thus, one of the most popular live-streaming among all social media platforms is currently YouTube Live. Moreover, Twitch is also extremely popular among gamers.

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Week 9 Ending-Liking

Let’s take a quick look at the concept of liking. It isn’t much wonder that we are more likely to purchase from or support a person or business we like over one we have no connection with. Spend the time and energy to make connections with your customers and clients. If they like you, they…

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Sales Funnels – Your 2021 Comprehensive Guide

Sales Funnel Guide

If you own a business and have a local retail center or an online shop, you might have heard about the buyer’s journey. That has pretty much to do with the way a potential buyer converts into a sale, increasing your market sales. Sale funnel is the technical term used to define these potential buyers where they convert into prospects and leads.

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