Week 12 Ending-Information Gap Theory

Grow and Online Business By Aaron Jarrels a Broken Moon Media Production

Welcome to the 12th week of the Podcast. This week we talk about the Information Gap Theory. Developed by George Loewenstein in the early 1990s, this theory suggests that people will have a desire to fill in a gap in the knowledge between the information they have and the information they find out they are missing. 

By having an intriguing title on your article or ad, you can entice them to want to fill the gap in their knowledge by staying tuned to your video, article,  podcast, or advertisement. 

This is often abused by less scrupulous people and it is known as clickbait. Be sure to deliver on what you promise your audience unless you want them to resent and avoid you in the future.

The Information Gap Theory is also one of the foundations of the marketing tactic used when people offer a free download in exchange for your email. Too often we are taught that you need to offer people a free download of some sort in exchange for their email, but what is neglected from the description is to be sure what you are offering is an item that will fill the information gap they have. 

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