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Bakersfield, CA 10/23/2020 – Search Engine Optimization is becoming more important to businesses, especially local businesses. As online shopping and food ordering has become commonplace it is very important to be sure you are found online when people are looking locally for your products or services.

“The time has never been better to move onto the first page of Google. If you want more organic traffic, you need to get your website optimized, and there’s no one better locally than Broken Moon Media.”

-Aaron Jarrels

Best Local SEO Services

There are other local companies you can call or click in Bakersfield, but why would you want to? Broken Moon Media is blazing ahead of the local competition here in Bakersfield. When you search for local SEO, affordable local SEO, local SEO services, or best local SEO who do you already see on the first page? Broken Moon media. We established and launched our website only 2 months ago. In another 6 months we will be in first position for all these keywords and phrases.

Reliable Local SEO Results

Unlike ads that only send you business when they are active and being continually paid for, optimization is a process that feels slower, but the results are relatively permanent. With proper formatting, keyword research and value-added content, we can make on page SEO unintrusive, and off page SEO that carries authority. Quality SEO techniques take time, like concrete, but are there to support your business for decades.

“Broken Moon Media specializes in creating lasting results. When your website and content has been optimized you will be found more easily and that only changes when there is a search engine update. We use only white-hat techniques that are safe, so updates usually help not hurt our clients.”

-Aaron Jarrels

Get on Page One for Google          

Getting your business to page one for the keyword or phrase you want is our favorite thing to do. It makes a dramatic difference to your online traffic and we love to see that smile from you and your customers. Do not wait! The time to start your assent to the top is today. Check out what Broken Moon Media can do for you today.


About Broken Moon Media

Broken Moon Media is a multi-media consulting company that was established to help people navigate the process of creating, starting, and growing an online business or their online presence. Find the company online at on Facebook or leave them a voice message at 661-489-0665

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