Week 7 Ending-Consistency and Commitment

Grow and Online Business By Aaron Jarrels a Broken Moon Media Production

In this episode, I go over how the seventh week in business went and ended and I talk about the psychology secret of consistency and commitment.

The week ended with a bit more organic traffic (I’m up to 6 this week), but nothing to get overly excited about yet. I worked on writing keyword-rich articles and targeting long-tail keywords in an attempt to increase my site’s authority by ranking high for topics with low volume traffic and competition.

The psychology principle we discuss this week is consistency and commitment. People are much more likely to stay consistent when they have made a commitment. The size and scope of the commitment are less important than that they made one. Even just showing interest is a form of commitment. So get people interested and have them commit. Getting customers or potential clients to press a button then says they are interested, is a form of committing to an idea or topic. If you can get them to offer a valuable form of payment, then all the better. An email, a small monetary payment, initial trial for a largely reduced fee (possibly only $1) increases the chance that they will purchase from you or stay enrolled in your program. 

That is because people like to stay consistent. If you can get them to make a small commitment to you, your products, or services, they are highly likely to stay consistent and continue to purchase your products and services. Use the psychology secret of consistency and commitment to help grow your online business.

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