Storybrand Website – Create One in 2021 in 7 Steps

Need help figuring out what your storybrand website should have in/on it? Your website homepage is like a shop window, which is the first thing your customers will see and how they will feel about your offering. The better you represent yourself, the more your customers will relate to you. As a result of which you can increase traffic.

Your homepage helps provide customers with an idea of what you do, who is the business is, and what they can hope to achieve during their visit. Thus, to truly capture your consumers’ attention, you must show them something that they can genuinely relate to. Because of this recently companies have adopted the idea of Storybranding to connect with their customers. This article will describe and explain what is and how to make your website into a storybrand website.

What is a Storybrand Website?

Storybrand is a step-by-step process that can help to put your client first and in the center. As a result of which they can see how your product or service can improve their lives. Generally, in story branding websites, business owners talk about their companies in terms of themselves and their accomplishments. The owner of the company is the main character in the storybrand, with which anyone can relate. Consequently, it can help them to convey a brand story in the simplest way possible.

The goal of a Homepage

Before going in-depth about a storybrand website, let’s first discuss the goal of a homepage. A homepage of any website is the landing page whose goal is to engage visitors with their offers. Ninety percent of the time, it’s your homepage that defines whether a visitor will turn into a potential customer or not.

In the last few years, we have seen a considerable improvement in the homepage, mainly due to the marketing and design team. Therefore, you need a homepage that explains everything clearly to their visitors. Numerous researches find out that storybranding can help to improve customer engagement.

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Common Pitfalls in Designing Homepage

When designing a website, especially a homepage, there are certain mistakes that people make. As a result of these mistakes, your traffic will reduce. These common mistakes are:

  1. They usually ignore the important stuff. Although they give complete information on all of their products and services but keep in mind people don’t care about them. They are interested in knowing how a business can solve their problems.
  2. They are unable to communicate their message clearly. You have only 15 seconds to capture the attention of your visitors. Therefore, it is essential that you explain your purpose clearly.
  3. All they can offer is a product which cannot be anyone’s problem. Moreover, designers are also unable to solve their problems.

Storybrand Website Framework

We have learned about the purpose of a homepage and some common mistakes that can reduce traffic to your website. Now it’s time to learn about the Storybrand framework and how you can use it to benefit your website. People often switch from one brand to another because of either rational or irrational, and even emotional reasons.

Therefore, it is important for you to be sure to give your customers a clear message of who your brand is and why they should support it. Moreover, to absolutely distinguish your brand from your competition, you should share your brand’s story: front and center with a storybrand website.

Storytelling is how you can seduce your visitors. What I mean is, it is the way you deeply convince them that you are worth buying from. Learn about the power of simple and clear storytelling. Remember, it’s not about you but your customers. In short, always put your customers first—storybrand framework, a powerful storytelling formula to send a powerful message to your customers.

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How to Storybrand Your Website

Storybrand is a seven-step process where you clarify to your customers why you matter for their survival. Carefully plan each step and re-write your website. Keep in mind that a clear message is the crux of the whole process. The absence of a clear message can reduce the chances of success of the storybrand. Think of storybranding as a Hero’s Journey.

Steps to create a storybrand website are:

1.    A Character:

Every story needs a hero or someone around which the whole story revolves, most often referred to as the main character. Keep in mind your story won’t be interesting if it simply follows some random person for no particular reason. Try to create a character that represents your ideal customer (ideal customer avatar). Using what you know your customers want and desire form a character around that. From there start building your story about how they succeed.

2.    Has a Problem:

Every good story starts with a problem or quandary, your story should be no different. Carefully craft the villain for your storybrand, which, in reality, is the problem the character (your customer) is struggling with. Try to personify problems as much as possible to explain how the company’s product and/or service can help to solve them. It not only provides a solution to external problems but also tries to solve internal problems as well.

3.    The Character Meets a Guide:

In a good story, the character always meets someone that offers assistance that can help him/her solve their problem. Therefore, for a strong impact on your audience, be sure to create a guide that can help the main character solve his/her problems. It is important as well to be sure your story communicates empathy and authority.

4.    Give Them a Plan:

Because at this point customers should relate to the “Hero” but will probably still be confused about why they may need your product or service. So the next step is to give them a clear reason they need you and what you offer. Explain how similar customers found success with your offerings and how you can solve their problems as well. The “guide” should give your hero character a clear plan, and your product should be a part of that plan.

5.    Call Them to Action:

Up until now you have simply told a story about a hero that had a problem, needed help, got assistance, and prevailed over the issue. Showing that a solution exists and it is possible to overcome the issue they face. It is now time to offer a solution to them. But more than that, it is time to ask for the sale. It is time to call them to action. People will typically only act when they are told to act. Encourage your customers to buy your product or service.

6.    Help Them Avoid Failures:

At this point, customers are totally immersed in your story. Consequently, we hope they will focus only on the solution and forget about the problem. However, we want to help more than hurt, so to help your customers avoid possible failures, be sure to remind them about what is at stake if they fail to take action to overcome their problem. This will reinforce their own personal reasons for wanting to buy your product or service. A quick reminder of what will happen to them if they continue to live with their problem.

7.    End with Their Success:

To end your story successfully explains to your customers how this specific action can change their life. Let them imagine themselves as overcoming their problem and living without the issue or problem. The simplest way to do this is to showcase your past customers that purchased your product and are raving about how great they feel after making the decision to purchase. There are three main ways to connect to your customers and end your story:

  • Win power or position
  • Find something that makes them complete.
  • Experience some self-realization to make them whole.

Need Help Creating Your Storybrand Website?

Storybranding can help your company connect with your audience in a deeper way. It can help you describe the problems or concerns that your customers might encounter and how your product can change your customer’s life. It can help to increase your customer engagement. If you are not sure where to start or how to put your story in writing but don’t want to hire it done. Be sure to check out our Facebook Group and learn how you can Grow an Online Business the right way.

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