10 Powerful Email Marketing Strategies

The concept behind email marketing is as old as the concept of marketing itself. Email marketing is the best, most powerful, and direct way to connect with your audience, nurture them, and turn them into your loyal customers. These days many people are taking email coaching classes to learn how to use it effectively for increasing their sales. Therefore, this article will focus on the best email marketing strategies. 

Importance of Email Marketing Strategies

Email Marketing

Before moving on to our main topic, it is important to clear all kinds of doubts our audience has in their minds. Many people do not get the importance of email marketing and thus are unable to use it for their advantage. However, successful email marketing plays a crucial role in your business and how you deal with your customers.

Although there is a massive surge in social media popularity, nothing can beat the power of email marketing. Email marketing is the most effective strategy to generate leads and increase customer loyalty.

Primary reasons for the effectiveness of email marketing are:

●       Number One Communication Channel:

Data shows that email is the most widely used communication method, and almost 99 percent of the population checks their email daily. Therefore, it can make it relatively easy for companies to connect with their audience.

●       You Own Your List:

The best thing about email is that it does not get suspended without your notice. Your account on any other platform can be deleted or suspended any time without prior notice. However, when it comes to email, you own your list. Therefore, no one has enough power to take that list away from you.

●       Email Converts Better:

People who receive emails spend 138 percent more than those who do not receive an email offer. Moreover, email marketing shows an ROI of 4400 percent. These figures clearly indicate the power of email marketing. The average order value of an email is almost three times higher than social media.

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10 Best Email Marketing Strategies

Here are the 10 best email marketing strategies:

1.     Personalize Your Messages:

With time the trend has changed; therefore, now, customers prefer personalized emails instead of a generalized message. Most people think that that personalized email means sending an individual message, which may sound tiresome. However, personalized messages are generated using customer data. Instead of using just dear, the better approach is to add the receiver’s name as well, like Dear Steven. It is more impactful and shows that the company values its customers. Thus, helping them to retain old clients and gain new as well.

2.     Segment Your Subscribers:

Instead of treating all the customers as one, it is better to segment them in groups based on the behavior and other factors. The easiest way for segmentation is to segment them into behavioral segments. In short, group them based on their past interaction with your website. You can use these segments to generate automated emails in the most relevant context. Moreover, using their behavior, you can send them promotional campaigns and increase sales. Besides, another method to segment your customers is based on their interaction with your campaigns.

3.     Send Mobile-Friendly Emails:

From the past few years, there is an uproar increase in the use of mobile phones. As a result of which now mobiles come with all basic and advanced features. Therefore, instead of using a PC or laptops, it is convenient for people to check their emails on mobile. However, many emails do not support mobile. As a result of which your customers will not get your message. Therefore, it is a need of time to use mobile-friendly email to increase your subscription rate and sales.

4.     Automate Email Campaigns:

Use trigger-based emails that are sent automatically based on the behavior of users. Generally, the most commonly used automatic emails are the “welcome” emails, “thank you,” emails’ “transactional” emails, and order confirmation emails. Research shows that trigger emails show better results than traditional emails. Moreover, triggered emails have a double click-through rate (CTR) compared to the traditional email click-through rate. In simple terms, there are high chances that your customers will read triggered emails. One of the primary reasons for their better performance is their context.

5.     Provide Incentives:

Another popular email marketing strategy is to provide incentives to your customers. There are numerous ways to do so. You can provide incentives by creating an activation campaign for the new users who have created an account but don’t use it.  Besides, another way is to give a year-end subscription, or you can surprise your loyal customers by offering them discounts or incentives. There are uncountable ways you can use the one that suits you. Famous bloggers hold a giveaway on getting 10, 000 subscribers. It can give your audience a strong reason for a sign-up. 

6.     State a Clear Call-to-Action:

You must understand that successfully gaining your target audience’s attention and making sure that they read your email is not enough. Although you are one step closer to your goal, you still need to encourage your audience to take action. But the question is how they can take action. To solve this issue, you must add a call-to-action button in your emails. It can increase the chances of getting new customers and retaining old ones as well.

7.     Use Social Proof on Emails:

Your audience will only believe you when they see proof. We all know that the concept of social proof has existed since the beginning of humans. Therefore, to increase your customer engagement and customer loyalty, send your emails and social proofs. You can send testimonies of other customers and the link to your social media account. Therefore, use email marketing in an effective way along with social proofs to sell on email.

8.     Use Cliffhangers:

Another effective email marketing strategy is to use cliff-hangers. Cliff-hangers are like starting points that can tap your target audience into customers. Cliff-hangers show an ending point with the main character in a precarious or difficult situation, thus shocking the viewers.  Therefore, use these cliff-hangers in an email like you will tell discounts or sales date on active subscription to leave your customers in suspense.

9.     Re-Engage an Inactive Group of Subscribers:

Having a huge email list is not an accomplishment because almost two-third of it is usually inactive. According to data, almost 63 percent is the average inactivity rate for a list. To turn subscribers into devotee customers, you must take extra measures to gain their interest. To turn the inactive group into action, one uses re-engagement campaigns. There are high chances that through these campaigns, your inactive group will turn into an active one.

10. Use Catchy Subjects:

Almost 90 percent of times whether your reader will open an email or not depends on the subject line. The subject line is the first thing that shows on the page, and therefore it can help gain your customer’s attention. Due to this reason, always try to use a catchy subject line to grab the reader’s attention the moment he saw it. And everyone knows once they open the email, there are high chances they can turn into loyal customers.

Final Words

To increase your sales and ROI through email marketing, you can use any one of these strategies. Email marketing is the most efficient and direct way to connect with your audience. Join us on Facebook.

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