S2 E20 Habitual Buying Behavior

Habitual buying behavior

What is Habitual Buying Behavior

Habitual buying behavior are purchases characterized by uninvolved buying patterns. Consumers are not as concerned by the specific brands, but habitually buy the product type. 

Think bread or cereal from the grocery store. If your favorite brand is not there, you’ll often buy a different brand as long as it is the type of bread you were looking for, sourdough, wheat, white, french loaf, etc…

How to use habitual buying behavior to sell more products

When customers just want to buy the type of product you can have mimicking packaging, for in store sales, but it is easier to rank for the search term that people will use when trying to purchase the type of product online. 


If you are selling snail killer- write a great article on best box of pellets to shake over flower beds.

Let’s say you are a plumber- write articles on how to replace a hose bib, how to stop a leaking pipe, how to change a faucet, etc… 

If you sell coffee beans- write great articles on why the degree of roasting is as important as the bean origin, using best flavor coffee bean as a keyword.

Week Ending:

This week was interesting, I a still all over the board with the terms I am ranking for. My site has not yet begun to rank very high for any of my targeted keywords. I’ll keep you posted as the site matures.

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