S2 E21 Variety Seeking Behavior

Variety Seeking Buying Behavior

The Consumer Behavior Series

Part 4 Variety Seeking Behavior

Variety Seeking Behavior is when consumers buy a new product, not because they were dissatisfied with the last product they purchased, but they want to try something new all the time. These are buyers that are great one time purchasers. They do not make great long term clients or customers, as they are always looking for the latest trend, fad, or change of pace. 

Week Ending

This week was not a great week for my website. While my keyword total continues to lower, my CTR keeps climbing, but the total impressions are down. I should probably review the keywords I am trying to rank for and make some adjustments. Because Google keeps changing the way they rank my website. I am having trouble getting my new website to rank for the keywords i have targeted.

This podcast wraps up season 2. so, Next season we hope to have a few interviews for you. I hope to share with you a few different points of view from different online business owners and would be owners. If you are interested in being on the podcast, please message me on the Facebook Group titled the same name as the podcast.

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