S3 Launching a Subscription Based Business

Subscription Based Business

Launching a Subscription Based Business Online with CJ Jolliff

listen along to a successful online business owner as he discusses his latest venture of launching a subscription based business.

In Season 3 we are departing from our old format for a new look at how to grow an online business. 

This Episode is an interview with Christopher CJ Jolliff. We had so much fun doing this episode, I am considering asking him to co-host the podcast.

CJ discusses the preliminary build up to the launch of his new business. I am specifically looking forward to when it launches.

Check out his newest website here: Roast of the Week.

Check out Broken Moon Media website for yourself.

Join us in the Grow an Online Business Facebook Group for live Q&A coming soon!

Weekly Wrap up:

I am just going to put in the notes any of the happenings of the week until something of note happens. As of Sunday 5/23/21 according to Google Analytics my visitors are down 9.5% to only 19, new users down 10% to 18, and engagement time down 30% to only 10 seconds. Not super excited about the movement this week to be quite honest. Although I must admit, I have only been adding podcast content to the website. I know I should be adding additional articles, but I have been busy working on other websites such as austerityhealth.org a life coaching website, and aaronjarrels.com my personal website where I help high achieving professionals eliminate their feelings of imposter syndrome and step into their success with confidence.