S2 E13 Charging More-How to Increase Business Revenue

Increase Business Revenue by Charging more for your product or service

How to Increase Business Revenue

This is the first part in a three part series on how to increase your business revenue. This episode we discuss and dive into the concept of charging more money or increasing the sale.

Charging More

Customers like to pay more for things they want. They only like discounts on things they do not want but feel they need. So if you are selling something (your product or service) that is something that people want, you can charge more for it, or give them additional ways to spend more with you on accessories, add-ons, or upgrades.

Be sure to listen to the next two episodes to find out more ways to increase your business revenue. Over the next few weeks we will go over several ways to increase business revenue. There is no one best way, but you should consider using some or a combination of different portions of these techniques to increase your business revenue.

As for the weekly business review, we are giving the website and google a few weeks to settle after the last algorithm change. As you probably remember the last few weeks has been a volatile time on Google. It has been trimming off keywords that I was ranking for (but not intended or ranking very well) and it was lowering my CTR. I am going to give reviewing the changes a rest for the next couple weeks while we discuss revenue.

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