S3 E6 Side Hustle Advantage

Side hustle advantage

The Side Hustle Advantage

We are about to blow your mind with side hustle advantage list. If you are just starting your business and can never find enough time or money because you are starting out as a side hustle rather than a full-time gig, listen up. Here are some of the many advantages to starting out as a side hustle.

CJ Jolliff jumps right into the heavy stuff in this discussion about the advantages of your online business starting out as a side hustle. He gives personal examples as well as some from his clients.

If you haven’t been listening long you may not have noticed that this season, I have a partner in crime. CJ Jolliff has joined the Grow and Online Business Crew. We are trying to give you all the tips, advice, and techniques you could possibly need to get yourself an online business going for yourself. Be sure to join us in our Grow an Online Business Facebook Group. We do live Q&A’s as well as posting other tips. Be sure to ask anything you want in the group and have your questions answered. We look forward to chatting with you there.

Week Ending Report:

As for this week, it appears that everything is down this week. Users are down 18.8% to 13 the new users are down 20% to 12 and average engagement time down 32.5% to 43s. That stinks, but I’ll just keep you posted.

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