S3 E3 Story Branding Your Website

Story Branding Your Website

Why is Story Branding Your Website so Important?

The reason story branding your website is so important is people do not buy really buy products. They buy the story behind the product. When you buy a lemonade from a machine $0.50 feels like too much money for what you bought. But have you ever considered that paying $2.50 for a tiny little lemonade from the the child’s stand at the corner makes you feel good for supporting your entrepreneurs? Why I will often buy the lemonade and not even drink it, it’s not about the lemonade, it’s about the story the kid has, by setting up a stand and working hard, I want to support him or her.

Do You Have a Clear Story? 

Your story should be a clear message, your potential customers should know who you are, and why you are selling what you sell. If you can win them over with your story, your price becomes secondary. I spend more very often with brands I like rather than purchase cheaper products from brands I do not like.

Is it Discernable on your website?

In the first few seconds your potential customers should be able to see you have a unique proposition, story, or reason for selling what you sell. If not you are just a me too business and in that case you simply need to be the cheapest. Being second cheapest is not a compelling advantage in the marketplace. If you cannot win on price, you must win with your story.

Is it Consistent Across all Media?

If you use social media, advertising, a website, or other marketplace for selling your goods or services, your message needs to be the same across all forms. So that when your potential customers or clients tell others about you they do not get a completely different impression of you from you if they use a different media to find you.

Week Ending for my Website:

This week was not great for traffic. New visitors are down, and they are not staying long. I am going to have to change up my strategy. i think I am going to have CJ take a look at my website and give me some pointers to make it better.

Check it out here: Broken Moon Media

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