S2 E18 Complex Buying Behavior

Complex Buying Behavior

#1 of the four types of consumer behavior: Complex Buying Behavior 

We are starting a four part podcast about consumer behavior. We are going to dive into the 4 types of buying behavior you need to be aware of. How you can use your knowledge of the types of buying behavior to adjust your marketing approach. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast to not miss any of the four behaviors. 

This week we discuss Complex Buying Behavior. This is when buyers are considering expensive purchases that are infrequent. Think car, boat, house, hot water heater, etc… Customers are much more directly involved in the research process. They want to be sure they are getting a good deal, they have all of their questions answered, and believe they are making a smart choice.

Be sure to answer all of the customer’s concerns, questions, and road blocks. Give your potential customer the ability to feel good about their purchase. Make sure the product is worth the cost, and the cost should hurt just a little. In truth the customer will value it more that way. We will discuss the psychological principles about why in a later podcast.

Week Ending for the Online Business

Little happened, this week, but there were slightly more organic traffic leads sent to the website. The site needs more time to ripen or mature. We will check back n it next week.

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